See what our guests are saying about their time at our Lodge.

After a week traveling the coast of Malawi, we took the ferry over the lake to the Mozambique side. The trip was really cool, especially the scenery of the unexploited coastline of Mozambique with steep mountains and isolated villages, something that really needs to be experienced first hand.

We stayed a few nights at N’tendele lodge and had a splendid relaxing time. The snorkelling in clear water with searing eagles over our heads is a scene I’ll never forget.

We also did some fishing and I caught a Kampango, which the friendly staff prepared into some excellent fish n’ chips!
— Andrew Mills
Great place to stay! Went for a long weekend together with another couple and it was truly a peaceful and relaxing experience. The pristine nature in combination with only local material used for all the construction really adds to the unique and genuine feeling.

Especially enjoyed the sunset boat cruise followed by the candle lit dinner at the beach!
— A & P
Being a nature person with a passion for tropical birds the lake was a facinating place to visit. Apart from the wildlife and the comfort of the lodge my most fond memory was the calm of the lake as the sun slowly set on the horizon.
— Sahra
The meals were creative and delicious. They had obviously reviewed our desires and their provisioning was great.

The Lodge itself met our expectations and was very clean and comfortable. We are already thinking about next year.
— Sonya and Jim
To have enjoyed the extraordinary natural beauty around the lodge was both a treat and a privilege. At the end of the day, however, a lodge is just a place to stay, relax and eat. It is the Staff and the Manager who transformed our stay into the perfect getaway,
— Charles Mbeke
Great location, very nice team always ready to do the extra step for you…

We did a nice walk with a local villager they organise to the top of the hill behind the lodge. It was really breathtaking on the top, one of our favorite moment of our trip in Northern Mozambique. If you plan a few days in Niassa, perfect place to really relax and decompress from work.
— Kenny - UK