N’Tendele Lodge is the ideal place for a quiet break-away from the busy week or a quick stop over before other destinations

N’Tendele Lodge, situated on the shore of Lake Niassa is the closest beach resort found in the surroundings of Lichinga (Capital of the Niassa Province in Mozambique).

It is located in the village of Meponda, 65km from Lichinga town. An hour after picking you up from the airport, you will have your feet in the sand of Meponda beach where a boat will wait for you and take you to the lodge.

In the 20 minutes boat ride you will enjoy the the quietness of the lake and discover the beautiful nature, rich in bird life, before landing at the lodge for an unforgettable experience.

When should I visit the Lodge?

January to March – Summer / Rainy season       

A few heavy rains a week that clears up quick. No wind and temperature of 30+. The rains normally stays over the mountains and spectacular thunderstorms can be seen over the Malawi mountains. Green landscape.

 April to August - Fall

                No rains, little wind and temperatures of 25+. Green landscape

September to December - Winter

                No rain, dry season could be windy and temperatures of 20+. Dry landscape


The Lodge is spread out over 4ha of intact natural Miombo woodland which can offer real moment of tranquillity by just listening to the sounds of the nature.

But the Beach Bar & Restaurant brings you back alive as it offers local as well as international cuisine and is the best place in town to make new friends or to retreat with your loved one!

The commodities include a different range of accommodations, from the central dormitory to the most discreet cabins lost in the most beautiful natural spots. The lodge is proud to be entirely supplied by renewable energy sources. All constructions are made with local material in a tasteful manner not to disturb the pristine nature of the site.

Meponda, the small fishing village from where the boat departs, is benefiting from the project through local employment, business opportunities as well as different community projects.



Lake Niassa hosts over 90% of the world’s Cichilds (new species are identified almost every year). With its transparent waters, it offers an ideal spot to enjoy amazing snorkelling, fishing or even scuba diving.

The shorelines, teeming with wildlife, are one of the most remote and unexploited locations of eastern Africa. Along the 200 km shoreline there are only two road access points, and N’Tendele is proud to be the only quality establishment on the southern road access.




Rooms – 12
Employees – 8, including chef
Established – 2011


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